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Eyelash services and Prices

The number of extensions depends on the number of your natural eyelashes as we apply the single or volume lashes directly onto your natural lash.

Monthly Special

*This discount cannot be combined with any other coupons or offers.




Enhance your natural lashes with some length


Short and sweet on the sides but long in the middle


Short to long lashes with a alluring winged effect


Length on all lashes with a focus on the middle ones

Begin your lash journey by choosing a style that best suits you above!

Introduction Special $99

60 min

This special is for those who are looking for a natural look while building up their custom lash style preference.

(This is not a full set of lashes, but rather a start-up to lash extensions)

Classic Eyelash Extensions $140

90 min


Single eyelash extensions are applied to each individual natural eyelash for a more classic look.

The fullness of the eyelash set will depend on how many lashes the client has.


for existing clients

2 Weeks (8 to 16 days)      $59                  

3 Weeks (17 to 23 days)    $69

4 Weeks (24 to 30 days)    $79

5 Weeks (31 to 37 days)    $99

*if more than 50% are lost, you must book for a new set

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions $170

120 min


Can't decide between Classic or Volume? Hybrid extensions are a mixture of classic and volume lashes.

This will give the definition of a Classic with the added fullness of a Volume.


for existing clients


2 weeks (8 to 16 days)         $69

3 weeks (17 to 23 days)       $79

4 weeks (24 to 30 days)       $99

5 weeks (31 to 37 days)       $129


*if more than 50% are lost, you must book for a new set

Volume Eyelash Extensions $210

150 min

These eyelash extensions are much lighter than classic eyelashes, enabling us to apply multiple lashes on each individual natural eyelash.

This will give the client a much more dramatic look. The "falsie" look that lasts longer.


for existing clients


1 Hour             $79
1.5 Hours        $109         
2 Hours           $159

*if more than 50% are lost, you must book for a new set

Lash Lift $70

60 min


If you've already been blessed with thick, long natural lashes, you should try out lash lifting service.

This method permanently curls your lashes. The lashes stay curled for the life of your lashes (lasting about 4-8 weeks).

Lash Removal $30

30 min


The appropriate way to remove eyelash extensions using a gel that dissolves the adhesive properly.

Salon Transfer + Fill

If you had had a bad experience with eyelash extensions from any other salon within the previous 2 weeks (must provide a receipt as evidence) we will offer you a discount of 30% off a new full set.

If we might have to do a removal of your current extensions which costs $20.

Friends Referrals...$10 OFF for both

Refer a friend and receive a discount on your next appointment after your friend completes her first appointment.

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