Welcome to PURE LASH in Tyler TX
Welcome to PURE LASH in Tyler TX

customize eyelash design
customize eyelash design

Welcome to PURE LASH in Tyler TX
Welcome to PURE LASH in Tyler TX


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Customizes Eyelash Design

Welcome to PURE LASH

Eyelash Extensions salon in Whitehouse, Texas(Hwy110&Toll49) which specializes in individual eyelash extensions.

Eyelash specialist who has a licensed esthetician with over 12 years customizes a lash look to enhance your natural beauty.

At PURE LASH you will enjoy the luxury of lashes in a relaxing, calm, and intimate setting.

Consultation & Customize


Before every application, customers will have a one on one consultation with our eyelash specialist where you can pick and choose the look that is best for your type of eyelashes.


Choose from 3 different styles, 3 different curls, 3 different thicknesses and 15 different lengths to customize your own unique design.


MORE LASH is an eyelash extension supplier based in California.


MORE LASH is 5 star rated products include eyelash extensions, glues, lash preps, gel removers, eye patches and a lot of others necessary for eyelash applications.


We use Premium Mink and Sable Eyelash which are flexible, soft and very similar to your natural lashes. Premium Glue has less fumes and doesn't cause irritation to the eyes. Our remover doesn't contain any acetone which helps to avoid problems that may occur around your eyes.


We truly care about the health and safety of your eyes and natural lashes.

Monthly Special
July & August   Special
Classic Pure Set $85




This discount cannot be combined with any other coupons or offers.