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Eyelash Extensions


* Semi-permanent eyelash extensions applied one by one to your natural lashes!

* We use premium Mink and Sable lashes so the texture is very soft!

* They look like your natural lashes and last about 3 to 5 weeks!

* Certified eyelash specialist is highly trained, experienced, and have extensive knowledge     about applications to help make your eyelashes perfect!

* Please visit our FAQ for more answers to your questions!





We provide a free 15 minute consultation on your first visit. Please consult with an eyelash specialist about your preferences, like lash length, thickness, and design. 


* Would you like them to make longer them sexy?

* Do you want them to look natural as your real lashes?



Our Glue


our glue is specialized for eyelash extensions. It is high quality and flexible and makes eyelash extensions almost like your natural lashes. Most of our clients do not feel any irritation or burning or after application.




J curl   (lightly curled)

C curl  (curled)

SC curl (very curled)




6mm to 15mm




0.15mm - one coat of mascara


0.20mm - a few coat of mascara


0.25mm - similar to a fake lash


* Thin natural lashes may not hold extensions for very long.

Volume lashes 

Here's how you can get more volume (applying for more extensions) on just one single natural lash while keeping lashes from getting damaged under the heavyweight.



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