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Eyelash services and Prices

We charge based on the number of extesions applied onto your eyelashes at PURE LASH.

The number of extensions depends on the number of your natural eyelashes as we apply the singl or volume lashes directly onto your natural lash. We will help you decide on which number is best for you. 

Monthly Special

 July & August Special

Classic Pure Set $85

This discount cannot be combined with any other coupons or offers.


Classic eyelash extensions

Our classic sets are utilized single premium mink lashes. One extension applied to one natural lash to create a natural

but longer and fuller look that will define your eyes.

Classic Pure Set (90 lashes) $99

If you want a beautiful, but not too much look, this is going to be your set.

You will be glowing and your friends will be wondering what you have done!

Classic Dramatic Set (140 lashes) $130

A fit for anybody who likes to be just a few steps ahead of the rest. Wave off any need to wear mascara.

This is your perfect day - to - day lash set!

3D/4D Volume & Classic hybrid Set (200 lashes) $150 

The mixture of 3D/4D Volume and Classic extensions will be applied to achieve a natural, but voluminous appearance.

Volume is multiple super lightweight extensions and is applied to each natural lash to create a more voluminous look.

Feel your confidence rise while batting this alluring set of lashes!

Touch up & Cleaning

If only a few lashes are left, a full set price will apply.

$10 additional charge for 3D/4D Volume lashes.

Touch up Classic lashes 2 weeks $55

Touch up Classic lashes 3 weeks $59

Touch up Classic lashes 4 weeks $69

Touch up Classic lashes 5 weeks $79

Touch up Classic lashes 6 weeks $99

Lower Lashes $20

Removal $25

Eyelash Lift Up Permanent  $50

40% off a New Set From Other Salon

If you had had a bad experience with eyelash extensions from any other salon within the previous 2 weeks (must provide a receipt as evidence) we will offer you a discount of 30% off a new full set.

If we might have to do a removal of your current extensions which costs $20.

Friends Referrals...$10 OFF for both

Refer a friend and receive a discount on your next appointment after your friend completes her first appointment.